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colourful finds from this year’s ets (1)

Feast your eyes on a few of this year’s vibrant creations, then vote for your favourite find from our top 100!

A collage of colourful items from the 2022 Etsy Design Awards Finalists.

Talk about brilliant! Our highly anticipated list of Etsy Design Awards finalists just dropped, and it's not only full of shining stars - but quite a few rainbows, too. That’s right: From prismatic patterned coasters to contrasting colour-blocked bangles, if there’s one thing this batch of Grand Prize Etsy Design Awards contenders proves, it’s that a pleasing pop of pigment can do wonders for our mood.

So in the spirit of spreading joy, here are 10 eye-catching finalists that are sure to surprise and delight you with their colourful concepts and fresh points of view. What’s more, these bold beauties are just a small sliver of the incredible kaleidoscope of craftsmanship represented in this year’s competition. Be sure to explore the full lineup of all 100 finalists, and let us know which piece (colourful or otherwise!) speaks to you by fav